Same Same. But Different.

Subtle nod to the Thai people who love to say, same same but different!

Looks the same as yesterdays but there are a few differences in this picture that I’ll explain.  First off, this was shot on a Canon 5DMKII and a 24-70 zoom lens.  Funny how a camera that costs $1500 more than the camera that took the first picture created an identical result.  The Canon has a full frame sensor meaning it shoots at 35mm and its a lot bigger pixel wise.  What I really want to illustrate is that once you edit a picture and size it down for web viewing it really doesn’t make a damn difference to the average person what camera or lens combo was used.  Second thing is there is a difference between the first and the second is that in this one is the 3 koi swimming in the bottom right hand corner.  I didn’t see them until I edited the image and I knew I have to share this again.

My final thing is I’m going to show the before image and the after image.  Looks a whole lot different doesn’t it?  The only real difference between todays and yesterdays is I overlaid a soft filter on it to tone down some of the colors.

Lake View Before
Canon 5DMKII, 24mm, ISO 200, f/10, 1/400
Lake View After
Canon 5DMKII, 24mm, ISO 200, f/10, 1/400