Lake View

Lake View

I admit I am not a landscape photographer.  I can’t shoot them to save my life but this time I apparently got lucky.  I took this on my recently departed OMD-EM5 which died shortly after taking this picture so it has to be returned.  The sensor just goes clunk and then it hangs.  However, before it died it gave its life for art!  I had my Panasonic 7-14mm 114 degree view and snapped this.  I then ran it through NIK Color and did some adjusting by adding some layers to the picture and very pleased with end result.  Rather excited considering I normally stink at landscapes.

The Lake
Olympus OM-D EM5, 14mm, ISO 200, f/10, 1/320

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  1. Replying to the family members in order.

    1. Meadowlark Gardens. You should consider a field trip there. Free I think and its county owned and they do tours and plenty of room for the kids to run wild. There is also interactive stuff and lots of stone so they can’t break anything provided they stay out of the flowers.

    2. Trust me, I can’t take a landscape photo 90% of the time. I usually want to capture details when I shoot so I purposely made sure I didn’t when I shot this. I just took the whole view and let the image speak for itself.

    1. I have not taken a trip to Meadowlark, but many classes have in the past. There is a fee and they will not waive it for Title I schools, but it is minimal. I prefer free with our population, but maybe next year. It looks lovely.
      We have a field trip on the 26th. Care to be the official photographer?

                1. Not a problem. You can borrow one of ours. I am sure with your fantastic photography skills you can manage to take the perfect shot even with a point and click camera.

                    1. I think point and click about cover the directions. We can handle it.
                      You’re loss on attending. You will be missing out on one fine time.

  2. That is a very nice picture. The detail of the sky, water and the land would make a very nice piece of art to hand in an office or home. The photographer states he does not capture the essence of landscapes, I say he does from seeing past work.

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