Drops on a Leaf

Drops on a Leaf

My replacement 24-70 2.8 arrived this week and I haven’t been able to test it until yesterday.  So attaching it to the Canon, I went out and braved the elements with my man flu and shot this off my patio.

Drops on a Leaf
Canon 5DMKII, 70mm, ISO 200, f/4.0, 1/125

8 thoughts on “Drops on a Leaf

  1. Love the pictures of nature. The photograper maybe under the influence of the “Man Flu” but his eye for nature is keen. There is color to the shots, nice to see instead of all black and white. Enjoyed!

    1. Man Flu almost killed me. Every picture is in color first and I do the editing in color before I convert it to black and white. Sometimes black and white makes the image better believe it or not. In this case the camera is my professional one so it got the resolution I wanted and detail while keeping it in color.

  2. Lovely leaf and just for your information I would like to share with you a definition.

    Woman flu :

    Woman flu is a dreadful disease which causes seriously ill women to pretend to be well and relentlessly come to work.
    The opposite of man flu

    When you catch woman flu let me know and then I will care. Until then, take some cold medicine and look for sympathy somewhere else you giant wimp.

    As always, I share my wisdom with love.

      1. Continue the leaf theme and go garden. Everything is in bloom and beautiful. Make sure you use color.

        Cars are boring.

        1. Cars are also a pain in the ass to shoot and it starts at 1 so the Sun will be blazing overhead making the light miserable to work with. The gardens have a pagoda I have wanted to shoot forever with my wide angle lens as well. They might win. The downside is lugging two cameras as I want to play with my new lens for my Canon and my new camera for the wide angle.

          1. Your reasoning is valid but I am sticking with nature is lovely and cars are boring. Go nature. It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it. Don’t forget your allergy tablet. Would not want your ‘man flu” to worsen.

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