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Hard Rock

For the record thats a Paul Reed Smith guitar.  You can tell by the neck on it.  Ironic since all Paul Reed Smith’s are made in Maryland and this is the Hard Rock Cafe on the inner harbor.  It also marks the end of the Canon 400D and Tamron 18-200 phase as most of the images are awful as the camera struggled along with the lens.

Hard Rock
Canon 400D, 84mm, ISO 400, f/13, 1/500

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The whole idea was to prove to myself that I could still take pictures. The ancient body and lens combo were a fun idea and to be honest I got back into shooting and fiddling with settings again which was the goal. It will not be done anytime soon. Lovely overcast day today and if weather holds going to take the 5DMKII out and remember why I bought the thing. I have a 24-70 2.8 due in this week so I’ll be playing with that when it arrives.

I’ve heard wonderful things about that lens, so can’t wait to see what you can come up with. I agree, working with different pieces of equipment helps remind you different settings, and capabilities of each kit. I debate getting a Mark II before they all disappear or wait until the Mark II 7D comes out late summer.

While in theory you can’t tell a crop sensor versus a full frame camera the detail level on my Canon 5DMKII is amazing when I shoot with it. This is coming from a guy who owns 3 micro 4/3 bodies and shoots mostly with them. I just hate lugging the 5DMKII everywhere because of the weight so I mostly just throw in one of the micro 4/3’s as my everyday camera. I’m debating on selling the Panasonic’s and picking up a Olympus E-M5 but I also have my eyes on a Sony Nex 7 for my vast adapted lens collection because they use focus peaking which lets you know when you have nailed the focus.

Love my micro 4/3 gear and I have more tied up in lenses for that then I do my Canon. Olympus with its E-M5 is the gold standard but the Panasonic G3 or G5 is an excellent camera and the same senor (more or less) but no IBIS. You can use Olympus or Panasonic lenses on the micro 4/3 bodies. You can find Panasonic G3’s for under $300. Just prepare for lens sticker shock with the Micro 4/3 lenses, they aren’t cheap. The Sony is a APS-C sensor and its Sony so of course it costs more. There are others now shoving a APC-C sensor in mirrorless cameras as well. If you don’t need a viewfinder then you can get a Sony Nex 3 for something like $300-400.

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