Falling Down

Sticking with buildings.  I took these at least a year ago and just let them stew till I got around to them.  Pleased with the results.

Falling Down
Panasonic G3, 11mm, ISO 200, f/4.0, 1/500

5 thoughts on “Falling Down”

    1. If you have the time head to WV or even Southern MD and there are tons of places like this. One of the secret sauces is shooting with a 118 degree lens from Panasonic that make shots like this possible. Micro 4/3! Then again the cameras run $300 but the lenses are $1000.

  1. Hard to see old homes go into ruin. This house is worse now since a tree fell on it. Most old homes are left because the owners are in a nursing home and nothing is done until the estate is settled. I have seen old homes turned into beautiful homes but most either get torn down or just left to deteriorate on their own. I am sure this home at one time was a thing of beauty and was filled with a wonderful family.

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