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Work Shed

I’m guessing this is a work shed I have no real idea to be honest.  It was old and dilapidated and falling into ruin at the edge of a field in West Virginia.  I stopped the car and jumped out and shot it.

*Warning – Photo Nerd Speak Commencing*

Since I have been bored with editing and playing around I went wild again with this one.  The first thing I did was punch the clarity in Lightroom and gave it some contrast and played around with the tone curve to punch the clouds up.  Gave it a 16×9 crop to remove some stuff that wasn’t adding to the pictures and to bring out the lovely clouds some more.   I then switched back and forth between Silver Efex and Topaz B&W effects but wasn’t happy with anything so straight black and white in Lightroom then converted it into PSD for mask sharpening in Photoshop.  Then I remembered that I could import directly into Snapseed now with a PSD file so in it went.  First thing I did was add Structure which is about the same as clarity on Lightroom then I went and added Drama which darkened the clouds and added even more details to the image.  Then I went and slapped a border on it just because.  I then saved it as a resized jpeg and behold the end result.  A tad over-processed?  Sure.  Visually different?  I think so and sometimes you just need to do what you feel like for a picture regardless.

Work Shed
Panasonic G3, 14mm, ISO 200, f/4.0, 1/800

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Nice picture. Know this structure well. It is found on farms and it is used for farm equipment and hay. Some of these structures at one time housed chickens but most barely hold anything any more. Sad to see them go to ruins. Farming has changed and the need for many “out buildings” are no needed as much since anymore.

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