Light At The End of a Tunnel

Taken at the US Capitol.  Shortly after I had a very nice Capitol Police Officer ask me what I was doing since I apparently wandered into an area that wasn’t open to the public yet.  He just asked that I stay in the area in front of the Capitol until it officially opened and off we both went.

Light At The End of a Tunnel
Canon XSi, 50mm, ISO 800, f/4.0, 1/25

7 thoughts on “Light At The End of a Tunnel”

    1. Thanks. The officer was really nice. He just asked what I was doing and said that it was still closed and not to wander back there. My sister is getting revenge because I suggested if she was dead to txt me so I could clean out her accounts. Sadly she responded that she was alive which is why she hoped for a body cavity search.

  1. Love L’s comments. I like the picture. Tunnel seems out of place. I would like to know where this tunnel is located at the US Capitol? Is this where the line starts for tours of the Capitol? Hate to be in the middle of it on a hot July/August day with many people.

    1. It’s just the front entrance and tunnels to the left and right that lead to no where. For the tour you go down into the basement of the Capitol and wait in line and go in groups. It’s like being herded cattle.

  2. That story would have had a much better ending if the words pepper spray, strip search, or body cavity examination were in it.

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