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Taken outside the US Capitol building.  The statue is oxidized copper (think Statue of Liberty green) but you could not see the details while left in its original green.  So I went ahead and used a Lightroom preset of B&W High Contrast (very unusual for me to use presets) and used the histogram to bring in tones correctly.  I then used my favorite crop of 1:1 aspect and called it a day and did a quick resize while sharpening the mask in Photoshop.

Canon XSi, 57mm, ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/125

2 replies on “Charge!”

I love rhe picture. You reaaly did capture his face which makes the statue come alive. I like the big tree behind him which makes it appear like a real soldier doing battle. These momuments were erected to tell us of our past. Sometime learming by seeing the statues and the monuments and reading what it represents sticks in our memory longer than a history lesson in a book. Washington, DC has much history to learn from on a nice visit. I will always love Washington, DC!

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