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Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

To prove I periodically leave the city of San Jose I took this picture in Jaco years ago before I was ever into photography.  This was taken on a venerable Olympus FE-230 that I spent like $150 on back when I first bought.  I still have it and it still works provided you shove the battery in and then manually lock it with the lever yourself.  The image was awful to begin with so I went wild and ignored everything and threw it into Snapseed and had some fun.

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Olympus FE-230, 18.9mm, ISO 50, f/5.9, 1/250

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Manuel Antonio is what you are thinking of and yes, its all developed now. Costa Rica is a major tourist destination. They love to bill themselves as eco friendly but they aren’t by any stretch of the imagination. They are tourist dollar friendly and hide the stuff they don’t want you to see. Trust me, swimming in that water is a festival of fecal matter. I don’t follow the news much there anymore but they were shutting down swaths of beaches because of raw sewage being pumped in by resorts.

Thanks everyone for the replies. If I knew the cheap point and shoot could invoke such comments I would have never spent the thousands I have on camera gear! Really, it was a awful shot that I just edited to death just for fun.

Nice Picture. Background reminds me of our trip and was so impressed by the gardens growing on the hills and of course the impressive and noisy volcano. Never saw the beach except at the Resort we stayed. I am sure it would have felt good because it was very hot. Did love our adventure in Costa Rica.

This is lovely! You know I love the beach and the wonderful background of trees makes it look magical. It reminds me of the St. John with the cliffs rising above the beach, but with more palms (and you know how much I love my palms!). I could see myself living there.

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