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Charles Bridge, Prague

I don’t pretend to be a landscape photographer.  I would go so far to say I stink at it.  Give me a human or something small in and inanimate and I can shoot it all day long.  Put a landscape in front of me I will just stare at it and press the shutter button hoping it comes out.  In this case, it didn’t but sometimes you work with what you got.  I made the executive decision to completely ignore good taste and throw caution into the wind.  I have tons of third party tools that weren’t cheap but I never use them.  Instead I fire up the $19 Snapseed and go wild!  This is after normal post processing in Lightroom.  I let Snapseed do some color balance and then told it to center focus and vignette and then made it “moody” and slapped a border on it.  I could control how much or how little I wanted but sometimes you just let the program do the thinking.  Is the picture fantastic?  Hell no.  Is it different?  Hell yes!  Sometimes you just go with different and fun because you can.  They all can’t be winners but why not have some fun at make the losers slightly more interesting.

Charles Bridge
Canon XSi, 42mm, ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/125

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Nice picture! Bridge looks like an old bridge in Washington, DC. I like the architure of the older bridges. They have soul.

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