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Playing in the Surf

This was a pure luck shot that I fired the camera at the right time.  Taken on the gone but not forgotten Canon XSi and with the gone but happily forgotten Tamron 70-300 (I gave it away).  I completely ignored the histogram when I edited this one and just tweaked it until I liked it.  This was taken on Koh Larn in Thailand and the rarest of rare sights, a Thai on a beach not covered from head-to-toe to avoid getting darker from the Sun.

Playing in the Surf
Canon XSi, 300mm, ISO 125, f/8.0, 1/500

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When I edit in raw I use the histogram to keep myself honest and not over do it at times. These were all shot in jpeg so I can cheat a bit more since LightRoom doesn’t do a great job with them. It was fun to go wild and just do what I wanted.

Very nice picture. The water looks so inviting. So Thia people do not like the sun to darken their skin. So hot there you would think they would not care just to cool off. I guess you can cool off covered from head to toe in the water.

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