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Coffee Anyone

I have been buying coffee from this place in the Central Market since my first trip to Costa Rica years ago.  This guy has been working there the last 3 years or so and is always excited to see me with a camera and then rapid fires Spanish at me.  I have to tell him to settle down Beavis (really ask him to speak slower) and then he wants pictures taken.  I debated on leaving it in color but the light was horrible so enjoy.  For those two readers most interested in my visits there, yes I have your coffee.

Coffee Anyone
Panasonic LX7, 24mm, ISO 320, f/1.4


6 replies on “Coffee Anyone”

Great picture. I loved the market when we were in Costa Rica. The market is a great place for lots of great eats, spices, coffee, etc. I would recommend this exploration of sort to any visitor of Costa Rica. Now, the coffee. It is the best and I never have to ask the photographer to bring some back. Love this treat. He also is the son that gave his dad and I the trip to Costa Rica. Lots of great memories. I definately would go back to explore more with the guide he gave us. It was such a treat!

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