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Playing With Tulips

These are the throw away shots from the tulips I shot.  The camera freaked out with the back lighting even though the room was lit so the images were darker than they should have been (never trust a light meter).  I was bored so I went to work in LightRoom and threw caution into the wind and started to edit them until I thought they looked interesting.  Here is the end results.

Tulip Backlit Color
Panasonic LX7, ISO 80, 27mm, f/2.1, 1/800
Tulip Backlit B&W
Panasonic LX7, 27mm, ISO 80, f/2.1, 1/800
Tulips Up High
Panasonic LX7, 27mm, ISO 80, F/5.6, 1/100

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Love flowers photos but the light did not show them in their full beauty. Thought you made tulips black and white but you have a great blue sky on the first picture. I am sure at least your eyes found them pleasing to snap a picture of them.

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