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The Grand Palace

Shot was taken outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok.  Shot on the faithful but sold Canon XSi with the faithful Tamron 18-200 (still with me but welded to a Canon 400D).  There was a storm approaching which is why the sky is so dark but it held off all day until I got back to my hotel  I remember crossing the Chao Phraya in the barges going back and forth in the various districts within Bangkok to get to the various wats (temples) and other sites I wanted to see.  The wind would pickup and the water would get choppy and these local barges would get to rocking in the water.  As the storm approached it was apparently raining up river because at each barge platform the water would rise and you ended up walking on raised platforms to avoid walking in water up to your ankles.  The Chao Phraya isn’t what I call the cleanest river in the world.

The Grand Palace
Canon XSi, 35mm, ISO 200, f/10, 1/200

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So this is the Grand Palace in Bangkok. If this picture reflect the Grand Palace, I think the front and the spheres are stange looking together. To me the picture looks like a building in front of a Grand Palace because the structure in the background looks “Grand” but the front does not. The picture taking is pleasant to the eye but I find the structure complexing.

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