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The Church

My sharpening issues have been resolved as I finally found the correct amount of pixel radius to sharpen the Panasonic LX 7 images up.  This picture is a direct result of the new-found formula.  I drive past this church almost everyday going to and from work and its one of the few around with a true steeple and they light it up at night which makes it interesting.  So I pulled into the lot with the LX 7 set it for wide and fired away.  The interesting thing on the EXIF data is how slow the shutter was and how little shake their was.  In body image stabilization is nice.  No idea why Panasonic doesn’t do it on their micro 4/3 cameras instead of adding it to the lenses.  I debated on cropping the image but I like how the lights illuminate the trees so I left it as is.  There is a bit of photo trickery going on and I’ll leave that to someone to figure out where I got lazy and what I removed something from the image.

The Church
Panasonic LX7, 28mm, ISO 400, f/1.4, 1/13

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I liked your shot of the Church. Was looking for the signage which usually sits to the right or left of a church. Always like details on pictures. I wanted to know the denomination of the church. Also, usually listed is the time of services and some, a tip to follow in life. I am guessing this is Methodist. Baptist or Lutherine. It seems to be an old church because of its size. Guessing it is in Bethesda? Anyway it is a pleasant picture to open the mind to thought.

I know the denomination but its irrelevant as I shot the building for the effect and nothing more. You are seeing the front which does not face the entrance to the parking lot, instead the front faces the major road as it sits on top of a hill. It is located in Bethesda but its a relatively new church, the image deceives you because I converted it to black and white.

With your cold, dead heart, I am pretty sure you took out Jesus. It’s probably safer for you so you don’t burst into flames.

I think you are right about the UFO. I believe what I see is part of the eave. I can just see the symmetrical match on the left side behind the tree. This mystery would have been much easier to decifer if the pic were in COLOR.

You found it. I cloned the darker area then put it on the left hand side of the eave. It was the moon I removed because it looked horrible.

While I am toasty warm because of central heating system, I did not crop out Jesus so no flames.

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