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A View From Outside The Castle

This is the view from outside the castle.  Really what you are seeing is the cathedral that is located within the castle walls.   That was the biggest structure within the palace walls so it tended to dominate the castle view if you were shooting the castle from the outside.  I ended up going to the castle twice as the first time we got lost on the metro system in Prague and got there late so we went back a few days later and then did the tour.  I go back to my statement, seen one castle you have kinda seen them all.

A view from outside the castle.
Canon XSi, 119mm, ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/200

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Thank you. Sadly I just wasn’t that taken with Prague. I just took the shot because I felt I was obligated to and I didn’t put a lot of effort into it. I looked at some of your images and I can tell you greatly enjoyed it as they are really great. You can tell when a photographer is interested in a subject versus going through the motions.

Your shot is great! I presume the other one was reverse to see the houses and the view of the city. I would like to tour a castle to to see what people’s living space looked like in a castle. I presume the walls were rock? Did the photograper take photos of the living space or were the forbidden. Just curious. Color was nice.

The photographer in question was basically torturing Ron for dragging me to Prague to begin with so I made him do touristy crap. I have inside images but they are too dark to do much with because I was too lazy to switch lenses. Apathy and all that.

I can tell you the image isn’t that great. The lens goes soft except dead center and it sucked in low light because of the speed of the lens. Granted, I have the gear now to nail any shot, but don’t look for me going to Prague any time soon again.

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