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A View From A Castle

I shot this off Prague Castle when I was in Prague.  I wasn’t really inspired or impressed by Prague as I have been to Europe before and honestly, once you have seen one European Capital you have kinda seen them all.  So most of my shots reflect the fact that I was mostly bored while I was there shooting.  I would just leave the camera in Auto or AP mode and walk around and shoot.  I don’t think I ever took off my Tamron 18-200 even though I had other lenses with me.  It was walk, take an obligatory tourist shot and move on.  I remember taking this picture off the back of Prague Castle overlooking the city and the river and it was one of the few that I liked so I figured I share.

A View From A Castle
Canon XSi, 95mm, ISO 200, f/8.0, 1/200

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That is a really nice shot! Would have liked to see the castle but this is great. Your castle was very high to get such a view. Nice color and nicely centered to the eye. Your focus was on top of it. You have an eye for detail and your pictures reflect it. Like color more than black and white.

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