The Central Valley

This was taken a long time ago in a country far away.  Ok, not really.  It was taken in January last year.  This is on top of  hill in San Jose, Costa Rica shooting out into the Central Valley.  I remember sticking the camera through a metal fence to frame the shot this is the end result.  The interesting thing about all this is, normally I shoot in RAW but I had just purchased the E-P2 and didn’t read the manuals (normal) so I kept it in auto mode and let the camera handle everything which meant the images were in jpeg.  I did not touch this image in post processing, the only thing I did was resize it to fit the web.  While I don’t regret my switch to Panasonic cameras, I will say that if you are a jpeg shooter and want glorious images, get an Olympus because their jpeg engine is absolutely amazing.

The Central Valley
Olympus E-P2, 17mm, ISO 200, f/10, 1/500

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Nice shot. So many wonderful sights in Costa Rica! Rain Forest was great along with the erupting volcano that we saw from our room. The boat trip we took with the guide that knew every living creature there. We saw Jesus walk on the water! Also the mountain sides that are landscaped to grow different crops. I would like to see that up close next visit some day. It was a wonderful trip.

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