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Big Daddy

He The man, the myth, the legend.  He also answers to Papi Grande or Paw Yai which is Big Daddy in Spanish and Thai respectively.  In Thailand many Russian tourists assume he is a Russian Mafia Enforcer for some reason.  I snapped this after he got his tattoo done and he was enjoying a cigar.  That’s his usual look when I take a picture of him when he doesn’t want me to.  In fact it’s one of the few I have of him that he is not giving me some rude gesture.  In this case it was pure luck that I caught the moment of the exhale with the cigar still burning in his hand.

Big Daddy
Panasonic GX1, 20mm, ISO 2000, f/1.7, 1/60

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He is actually the most polite Southern man from Georgia you could possibly meet. He will strike up a conversation with almost anyone. He just gets tired of me constantly taking pictures so he usually shoots me the looks of I will kill you. He blessed me sharing this picture out. It’s so not him normally that it makes it a great picture.

Well nice picture. He is a big boy! His tatoo I could not make out but it does have red ink and it looks like green as well. That is a big arm and a big tatoo to go with it. No wonder it hurt. My little butterfly I thought I was going to die. Would hate something like that. Nice to see the first time inked man!

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