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The Doner

The meat on a stick is chicken and they wrap it in a pita type bread and then you get various veggies thrown in with some sauce.  These carts have sprung up all over the place in the last few years in Thailand.  You can find them about every 100 meters now.  There is a trick to doner buying and that is buying it at the optimal time.  Do not get it when the stand first opens and do not get it late at night no matter how hungry you are.  That meat has been sitting there and getting further away from the heater as the day goes on.  Optimal time is between 8 and 10 PM. Last trip to Thailand my second round of food poisoning was a 1 AM doner and boom, I was down again.  They are tasty, just make sure you follow the time rules.

The Doner
Panasonic GX1, 20mm, ISO 160, f/1.7, 1/1600

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Are you sure the meat on the spit is chicken? It does not resemble any chicken I have ever seen. I would have guessed Big BIrd. The sight of it alone, would drive me away.

Nice picture. Is this spit of chicken insite a glass warming devise or just sits there during the time the cart is out selling. If it is out, I would not eat from that at all no matter the time. There is bacteria, bugs and what not host to that meat. No wonder you got sick. It is like the subway, tuna is good but do not eat if after 6:00pm or you run the risk of getting sick. It is covered but not a lot of people eat it and it sits all day in the container with minimum cooling whereby the meat is used and replaced often.

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