Alien Flowers

I am back from a long layoff.  I needed to take a break from photography and life in general for a bit.  I was in Thailand and didn’t get as many pictures as I liked and I still need to move them from my laptop to my main processing computer but they will eventually appear.

I make my triumphant return with this image.  I realize it’s in black and white and flowers should be in color but I was in a hotel in some nameless city at one point this year and they had these flower pictures in black and white that just fascinated me.  The one I kept looking at was a rose and since I didn’t have a rose handy I found someone in the office with a bunch of silk flowers that I have no idea what they are supposed to be but they worked perfectly.  I had my Panasonic G3 with a Minolta 55mm 1.7 lens on it that I needed to test before I sold it and snapped the image.  Perfect?  Not so much but it does have a weird alien feel to it and I like the way the black and white makes it more interesting and moody then some generic flower shot.

Alien Flowers
Panasonic G3, Minolta 55mm 1.7, ISO 800, F/4, 1/125


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The picture is nice but would have liked color and the type of flower it is. Creepy, no. Where was this taken?

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