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    1. Trust me. It’s a crap photo. It’s one of the first shoots I ever did in RAW. I used my Canon XSi (which I later sold) and a 18-200 and was all over the place. Compared to today where I shot a family with a 2 month old with lighting, multiple lenses, 4 bags of gear, props and flashes. Hmm… the XSi and the 18-200 sound better now that I think about it. LOL

      Thanks again for your kind words.

      1. LOL ! Too funny ! I can see what you’re saying, the XSi and the 18-200 will always result in a soft result. That’s why I upgraded from the 60D/18-200 kit to the 7D 23-105mm L kit. Much better. Now to fix the user error….

        1. I went full frame and got a 5DMK2. I love the thing because the images are just so detailed. Sadly the 18-200 won’t work on it but I use it on the 400D I bought in Thailand for $100 when I want to prove points that gear doesn’t matter. That and my 70-200 2.8 are the only zooms I have. The other two zooms I had for the Canon’s just got sold this week. I am a prime shooter on pretty much all my gear. If I need to zoom I use the feet method. For portrait work they are better for me with the recently purchased 35mm becoming the one permanently attached to the body for working in tight space. Even my my Micro 4/3 gear is all primes except the rarely used 45-200. I think my lenses reflect the fact that I am too lazy to zoom!

          Your work is great! Those of us taking the pictures are our worst critics but it pushes us to get better. I think I could sell prints for millions and still think I was a hack even as I cashed the checks! LOL

          1. You are really too kind Ian. I am trying to get there, but like you said, I’m my worst critic. Not ready to go full frame as I like the extra crop I get with the APS-C. So more detail huh? Guess that means better focus. Oh boy..time to save my pennies again then.

            1. I knew I wanted full frame to take my portrait and event work to the next level. The 7D is a solid camera as is the 60D and I looked at both of them. I settled on the 5DMK2 and offloaded a 1DS the XSI and a host of lenses in what became known as the great Canon purge. At first I hated the camera because I had been shooting with Panasonic G3’s for so long that I hadn’t really looked through an optical viewfinder so…. I maybe forgot to adjust the focus on the OVF. Took it into the shop and had a bit of egg on my face but the guy just laughed and totally understood. Not one of my finer moments.

              I still don’t shoot that often with it unless someone wants a portrait or I do an event. It’s got its issues with low light focus and you better point it at something contrasty or forget it. WIth that said, I can crank that ISO to 2000 and get a picture that no one is the wiser I took at such a high ISO. I do portrait work between 200-500 depending on lighting and the images are just so rich and sharp. I’m supposedly processing what I shot today and they are mind blowingly good and I had issue with light because of the space I was working in.

              You can get 5DMK3 but the price has fallen on the MK2 and while there are some differences with the focus system on them and the video features, save yourself about $1000 and buy the MK2 because its a fabulous camera.

    1. I love the water, very blue. The warrior and her? steed. Is this a common sight on the water fronts? Would like details on where and why this guard is ready for any danger. Also is there any connection to Buddha with these statues?

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