I think I have mentioned I really do portrait work when I’m not mucking about with other crap.  This was all shot on my Canon 5DMK2 using mainly my 35mm lens.  The lighting was done with a small LED on a light stand and a flash.  I didn’t have any diffusers with me so I just adjusted the LED brightness and the flash manually.  Mohammed just posed as he wanted and I shot the pictures.  He specifically requested that they be in black and white or grey on gray as Grant calls it.  These came out pretty amazing for the entire setup time of 5 minutes I put into doing the lighting.

Serious Look

The Boxer

Hands and Smile

Fierce Snarl

Finger Horns

Serious Look

Laughing at the World


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Your pictures are very good. The seventh picture I think is the best; he looks the most relaxed not posed. It would have been better if it was center.

I did not direct him at all. He was doing that all on his own. As for the centering I did that on purpose. It draws the eye to where I want it and believe it or not I’m well within photography rules. Not everything needs to be centered.

A nice set of well caught images, you’ve done good young feller! And praise from uncle Spike, he doesn’t hand that out lightly, you’ve done double good!!
Loved your gnarly old stump, magic. Spitting image of my ex de-facto mother-in-law…

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