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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I am not sure if this qualifies for the weekly photo challenge but I like it.  I will be the first to tell anyone I am not a landscape photographer but I do enjoy shapes and with the Sun coming up behind the power line it made it interesting.

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These electric power lines are a necessity of our life they tell us. Usually seen in unpopulated areas until the area begins to build. There are pros and cons of living near these giants. One can not miss them but I doubt that most of us see them as they have become so common of our time. I believe the Wind turbines will be the same one day. We will not see them as well if they prove to be an asset to electrical power.

I love the post-modern metaphor, man’s puny power struggling against the darkening elements, and that you faked the colour to get it. Nice! Do a grey and gray for your sister…

Mom reads a bit more into my pics than I do. I just take the things. As for black and white or grey and gray (i like that) I just processed a photo shoot for someone that requested I do them in black and white or grey and gray. It is some of my finer work with lighting and using Crap Wizard Lighting (TM) while my other lights are in transit.

Your Mom is a natural commemtator and now, like me, she is in her (anec)dotage which is a really nice place where everything you see reminds you of something else and there are no bossy school teachers…

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