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It’s Not Always Pretty

When you are out shooting you often see stuff that others ignore. Life goes on around you and you capture it. These are shots from two different countries. One poor and the other wealthy; both share in poverty and homelessness.

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Thank you so much ! It was a quick visit, but I was surprised how large the cemetery actually is. Really cool stuff. You need to get there !
BTW, did you do the world wide photo walk today?

I did not. There was one in Leesburg but the 10 AM start wasn’t in the agenda for me. My bed and I haven’t spent enough quality time together this week and I needed to bond with it. I did sneak out to take some pictures when I had an appointment later today. Maybe that counts.

HAHA !! Awesomeness. I understand about the sleep thing. I lead one in Annapolis today. Had about 24 people. Perhaps next year then.

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