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  1. Yes, I know what fratricide means, and a lot of other interesting words as well. Words are good.
    Yes, I had a lot of great teachers, I taught them a lot. Teachers must be careful to avoid giving the impression that they know best, they must be subtle.
    If the cat eats the bird then have the dog eat the cat then eat the dog and the circle of life is complete. I have some excellent Korean recipes if you need them…

  2. I know a few people I would like to push toward the light (and I don’t mean down the bike path!).

  3. Slightly menacing. Where does the walkway go, and why don’t they want people escaping from it? Those are serious fences…

    1. I will tell the story of the walkway. I shot it when I took the out for the stroll pictures and saw a bike path and took it and then saw the tunnel and had no idea where it led. It really reminded me a cave so I kept trying to shoot the path but the light was bad until I finally got this shot.

      The funny thing is I worked in a building above it for 10 years and never knew it was there. It really is the sub-floors of the buildings but to keep the trail intact they just fenced off the building areas. You can see the pipe and conduit and if I shot the ceiling you can see insulation.

      I deliberately darkened it and used a wide angle lens to get the fence to curve in like that then further collapsed it by some vignetting. If you would have asked me to do this a year ago I would have stared at you. Shooting and editing every day has taught me a lot about LightRoom.

      1. I think Sis is dissing you Bro! I’m gobsmacked by your expertise, I’m going rightaway to look up ‘vignetting’. So much to learn, so little time!

                  1. That’s because she is extremely modest and does not want the other cats to hate her because she is beautiful.

                    Now the cockatiel would love her photo taken, but the photographer appears to be terrified of a little 10 inch bird. Sad really.

                    1. Gabby is too much of a lady to eat her sister. She might give her a gentle “tap” on the head with a paw, but that’s it. Now Willa Mae is another story. That birdie has gusto!

                    2. The cat eats chicken and so does that bird. That is as close to cannibalism and fratricide as we are getting. We are a peace loving people.

                    3. Dear Grant,

                      My brother is afraid of a little, bitty cockatiel and is going to die if he continues to encourage the cat to eat the bird and to not take pictures, IN COLOR, of my beautiful furry and feathered family.


                      THE Sister

                      PS: I never doubted your intelligence for a second, Grant. I bet you had great teachers.

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