Out For A Stroll

I had a choice again yesterday.  Go to the gym or go for a nice long walk.  I opted for a walk!  I also needed to get out of the office for a bit because I was thinking dark thoughts on a large telecommunications conglomerate who I am stuck in a contract with.  It just so happened that I had a camera with me as well along with my new Canon 35MM 2.0 lens that I purchased to round out the lenses I needed for my Canon.  So off I went into the great wide open to just shoot what I saw.  The rules for my recent walks are no pictures of people.  I want to challenge myself by shooting other things besides people just to round out my skills so I don’t get too rusty.

17 replies on “Out For A Stroll”

The worst thing is old naked people walking around the changing room. Now that the weather had turned I have to go in there to hang up my jacket and I shudder at the thought of some 60 year old guy walking around naked or chatting with an equally naked old man. I have nightmares.

Perhaps we’re just grown-ups who are comfortable with our bodies and life in general. We’re cool, we’ve seen it all, several times over. You’ll feel differently when you’re 60, please report back, we’ll be waiting… Of course we’ll be even more ghastly, disgusting and ugly when we’re naked by then. We’ll look like huge mutated horrible plucked chickens. Happy nightmares!

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