The Nature Walk

The Nature Walk

I had a choice to make of going to the gym yesterday or taking a walk and skipping the gym. I went for the walk as implied by the title of this post. So I had a choice to make; take a micro 4/3 camera or use the neglected Canon 5DMKII I own and rarely shoot with. I went with the Canon because I wanted to play with a Yashica 135 2.8 lens that I own. I had bought it for my micro 4/3 cameras but the lens was too heavy for those smaller bodies so I had bought an adapter for the Canon and put it on there. I have to use the lens completely manually so I set the aperture for 5.6 and the ISO for 400 and then adjusted the shutter speed based on the light meter in the camera. If I had to I could use a light meter app I have on my phone to get a reading but the in-camera did fine.

I also went with the camera to see if I could still shoot stuff other than people and go back to manually focusing a lens.  I cut my teeth with manual focusing on micro 4/3 cameras with adapters but the Canon has an optical viewfinder instead of an electronic so it made things a bit more of a challenge.  I wasn’t chimping so much to look at my images, instead I was looking at the histogram to see how accurate the meter was (it wasn’t always).  While I love my micro 4/3 cameras to death and I will use them 90% of the time, there is something about the Canon 5DMKII that the micro 4/3 cameras just don’t have.  There is a richness to the images that I just can’t reproduce in the micro 4/3 gear.

So enjoy my nature walk.

9 thoughts on “The Nature Walk

  1. Your pictures reflect the beginning of Fall provided by Mother Nature who has set in motion the changes in the grass, flowers and the squirrels. The color of the leaves should be great and there should be a plentiful bounty of acorns for the animals to last through the winter for those that will work hard to store them and enjoy good eats when the snow comes. Good pictures.

      1. Great stuff here young Spanky, really love the colours! Taking your own stuffed squirrel out is a neat trick, Uncle Spike ain’t done that…

        1. Gracias Khun Grant. Sorry, not a stuffed squirrel. It’s the real thing. I know you are disappointed. Makes you feel any better I can purchase you a raccoon skin hat or maybe even a squirrel one. The MOM lives in an area where they are readily available. You may be the first Kiwi to wear one. Think of the fashion trend you could set!

          1. You are very very kind and I appreciate the thought, but I still have my Davy Crockett hat from the Great Fad of 1956, so the wildlife can stay unmolested…

              1. Good. That sort of thing is best left to those ghastly Australians. I can assure you that no sheep were harmed in the making of my Davy Crockett hat, I think it was an alsation dog…

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