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Views of Baltimore

I get accused of doing too many street photos and portraits but its what I am happy shooting. I do occasionally shoot buildings and flowers. I’m really good with flowers but to be honest they bore the hell out of me because I can shoot one in my sleep now and they aren’t as fun because you can’t talk to them. I am not a landscape photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I just don’t have an eye for it but here is my attempt for some of the shots I took while in Baltimore. I went all over the place with the crops so there isn’t photo consistency here but I like the images.

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I prefer Baltimore to DC. Baltimore has a real skyline and is more like a city where as DC feels like a museum show piece with everything perfect (on the exterior) and everything in its place. Baltimore is more like take me like I am and deal with it.

Your pictures reflect the old Baltimore neighborhoods that have not been transformed into pricey condos for the young professionals that desire the inner city life. I see great potentials for a face lift in this neighborhood. I enjoyed your pictures!

I see great potential for this neighbourhood to be left well alone, screw the yuppies. Young Spanky you can talk to flowers, and it’s a lot of fun, but you sure as hell better be good at basket weaving if you can’t run fast enough…
Nice shots, good texture, more please!

She is referring to what Washington DC used to look like which is what Baltimore is now. Then billions got pumped in to “gentrify” the areas and all the older stuff got torn down or massively redone so it doesn’t look like it used to.

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