Before and After

I was asked to show an image before I went in and tweaked it. While this picture itself isn’t technically perfect as you can see the camera (never the photographers fault) locked focus on his guitar strap. The lighting in the room was horrific and I called it urine yellow for lack of a better description. Since I shoot in RAW I could go back in and color correct it for tungsten lighting, use my best friend forever, the histogram to get color balance and then converted it to black and white with minor tweaking from there.  I no longer use fancy third party plug-ins for my black and white conversions.  Instead I use LightRoom and just convert it there.  I found when I used a plug-in I would be all over the map and my images lacked consistency.

What is funny about all this is that these images were shot on a Canon XSi but the saving grace was that I had a 50mm 1.4 that I had invested in.  If you are going to invest in photography skip spending big on the body and using a stock lens.  I would put the money into lenses because you can always just buy a new body later when you need one but your lenses will stay with you for a long time.  I will also come clean now in say that I don’t see a reason to invest in L lenses either.  Sorry, the price difference and performance difference isn’t there from my perspective to warrant the huge price difference from Canon middle of the road lenses.

Blues Man in Color
Canon XSi, Canon 50mm 1.4, ISO 800, f/1.4, 1/100
Blues Man Black and White
Canon XSi, Canon 50mm 1.4, ISO 800, f/1.4, 1/100


I shot an event what seems like a long time ago but it really wasn’t. I hated how the images came out in the end due to my lack of knowledge of lighting so color correction was a huge issue. I also knew that if they were converted to black and white they would look great. With my now greatly enhanced lighting knowledge I knew that I was shooting under tungsten lights so I white balanced for that. Then using my best friend forever, the histogram I color balanced everything and converted to black and white. I kicked up the contrast, darkened the shadows, lowered the whites and highlights and bumped the blacks up. Enjoy!

Harmonica Player


I had an opportunity to shoot my friends and their new son. I have been processing images all weekend getting them just right so I haven’t really done any of my own shooting for fun. This is just a random shot as we were setting up the next posing area. As you can see on of the participants of the shoot was a bit exhausted.

Baby Lincoln

Remnants of Summer

The parental units like the nature stuff and I cut my teeth photographing flowers until I could take a picture of a flower in my sleep.  I learned how to edit pics with flowers because they have so much color in them you learn to adjust color and contrast.  These are just some throw aways I snapped while out walking from dropping my car off at the shop for some new tires.

Black Eye Susan Flower

PinK eyed Susan


I think I have mentioned I really do portrait work when I’m not mucking about with other crap.  This was all shot on my Canon 5DMK2 using mainly my 35mm lens.  The lighting was done with a small LED on a light stand and a flash.  I didn’t have any diffusers with me so I just adjusted the LED brightness and the flash manually.  Mohammed just posed as he wanted and I shot the pictures.  He specifically requested that they be in black and white or grey on gray as Grant calls it.  These came out pretty amazing for the entire setup time of 5 minutes I put into doing the lighting.

Serious Look

The Boxer

Hands and Smile

Fierce Snarl

Finger Horns

Serious Look

Laughing at the World


Old and Gnarly

I shot this old uprooted tree before but the image didn’t come out right.  So this time I shot it again with my Panasonic and nailed the shot.  I really wanted it to look old and weathered so I turned it black and white then then took it into Snapseed and added some “structure” to bring out more of the features.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I am not sure if this qualifies for the weekly photo challenge but I like it.  I will be the first to tell anyone I am not a landscape photographer but I do enjoy shapes and with the Sun coming up behind the power line it made it interesting.