19 thoughts on “Cualquier Persona Helado?

  1. Yes! Sorbet is NOT ice-cream! That is what is so wonderful about it, especially if you are lactose intolerant. And lime sorbet drizzled with frozen gin is heaven in a bowl…

      1. I see, thankyou. Lactose intolerant? Three scoops of dairy-free lime sorbet drizzled with frozen gin is clearly the desert for you!

  2. My husband and I were treated to 10 days in Costa Rica by our son and we took in many different areas and enjoyed the richness of this country. It was very hot and our personal guide took us to get ice cream at a shop very similar to the photo. I would recommend to anyone that visits to have some ice cream. The ice cream was better than any popular ice cream in the USA.

  3. You have had a few beers everywhere.

    Harris Teeter is two minutes down the road. I think I will just go there. Mint chocolate chip…here I come!

  4. I believe you have points on Delta to spare. So if you would like to donate them to the ice cream cause, I will happily bring mint chocolate chip home for both of us. I am not scared of a little meltage like some wimpy people I know and don’t give me that lactose intolerant crud. We ain’t buyin’ it.

        1. 14 hours to Korea then immigration even if you don’t leave the airport. Sadly you will miss the only US flight coming into our home airport. So figure 48 hours total travel time. There is a place for ice cream in the airport. I had a few beers there once.

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