Ford GT

Ford GT

Loyal reader Grant and photographic hero Uncle Spike apparently are in love with the Ford GT.  They prefer the original version.  I am looked upon with derision because I much prefer the Bugatti Veyron which is the pinacle of automobile engineering.  I was out shooting yesterday and stumbled across the new Ford GT that is a beautiful specimen but has the maintenance record is just short of awful but who am I to argue with such distinguished readers but if there was a Veyron I would have shot that way before I shot some Ford GT.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.  The unwashed masses did not see my genius at work and kept walking into the shots and screaming at them that I was an artist didn’t seem a wise idea. I was surrounded by a large number of people with vast quantities of firearms considering I was at an airport and they take security very serious.  It didn’t seem the best place to have a fit of artistic angst where it may have been construed as a potential terrorist act.

8 thoughts on “Ford GT

  1. It’s lovely, but a pale shadow of the real thing, or even a replica of the real thing. Wait till you see mine in December.
    Grant, you seem to be complaining that the one you drove was very fast…. And why does it matter that you can’t see behind you, nobody will be coming past anyway?

    1. When I see yours in December are you going to let me drive it at excessively high speeds on Sukhumvit Road? Even better, you are picking me up from the airport and won’t mind my 20 hours of flight, smelling ever so fresh and only mildly jet lagged body to drive it to Pattaya? While I haven’t driven a manual gearbox in like 15 years, I’m sure the clutch will be smooth as silk and the burning smell will just be a figment of your imagination.

    2. Now Uncle Spike, I never complain about anything, like you I offer intelligent and carefully considered comment from a moderate and thoughtful viewpoint.
      The GT40 is very fast, it is also deeply difficult to drive slowly which you need to do to get the damned thing out of town. No complaints however!

  2. Nice photos young Spanky, you’re certainly coming along. Whilst it is true that wise old Uncle Spike is in love with the original Ford GT40 and is having one delivered in December this year (there’s an undisclosed shit-load of serious money in polo pony pics if you’ve greased up the right people) I on the other hand have actually driven one (it was very fast, it hurt my back and no way could you see anything behind you) and am not in love with any Ford product made after early 1912 which is when my brass ‘T’ was born. The Ford GT you shot is the pale modern imitation of the real thing, as ordered by (shudder) Jeremy Clarkson. It’s even 3 inches higher than the GT40, maybe it wouldn’t hurt my back…
    The derision you imagine we look upon you with is, of course, entirely in your imagination. Your ambition for a Bugatti Veyron is wholely admirable, it’s just a shame that they’ve stopped making them and second-hand ones are going to go through the roof, pricewise. However the ones that have been written off on You Tube by rich morons may still be available economically from selected insurance companies…
    Do not scream “I am an artist” at the surrounding populace unless you are already projectile vomiting from four stories up and there are Russian tourists with good cameras passing below.
    We have much to learn from wise old Uncle Spike but, boy oh boy, you should see the photos!!

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