Luxury Car Dreaming

Luxury Car Dreaming

I went to the Porsche Car Show yesterday and it was less than spectacular.  The tractor was the most interesting thing there so I more or less just pressed the shutter button and went back home and took a nap.

Porsche Tractor!

Really love this car.
I really really love this car.
If it was red I would have grown a Tom Sellek moustache and called myself Magnum.

8 thoughts on “Luxury Car Dreaming

  1. Oh Dear! Families are just so totally tedious dahling!!
    Porches are for fronters and wankers, Ferraris ditto and poseurs as well.
    The tractor is absolutely magic, practical and useful, like Lamboghini hydraulics and Ferrari suppositories…
    PS: There is NO such thing as a cool moustache unless you groove (sorry!) to The Villiage people and really, really like policemen for themselves, you know, as real people…

    1. Just because I caused you and Spike to have seizures because I rather have a Veyron over a Ford GT does not mean that Porsche’s and Ferrari’s are for wankers. It would crush you if I told you I drive a Mercedes so I won’t. 🙂

      1. I had no seizure. I have driven a GT40 and have no desire to repeat the experience. The only Mercedes I have ever driven is the 1923 Indianapolis car, the one that Christian Lautenschlager crashed on the 14th lap that year, but I and my ex works Plus Four Morgan (Earls Court 1950/51) bow to your superior thingamiewhatever.

    1. FYI. That is a Ferrari. I will have Mom and Dad disown you for not knowing a Ferrari from a Porsche. I will buy a Ferrari with my inheritance money and do donuts in your parking lot while laughing hysterically at you with my cool moustache flapping in the breeze.

      1. First of all, you said you were at the Porsche show so I took you at your word. So… you lied.
        Second, all family assets are in the name of the one you insult along with the parental units so you will have to bump us all off. I suggest running us over in your “Ferrari”.
        Third and final, I will be using MY inheritance money to purchase MY Bentley and will have my driver, Jeeves, do donuts on your lawn!

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