Walking for Screwdrivers

Walking for Screwdrivers

I had to pickup a set of jewelers screwdrivers for work because we lost our during our move from our old office space to our new office space.  Not that I really needed them for work.  I wanted them to take apart my rangefinder because the shutter stopped working on it and without the jewelers screwdrivers I could not take it apart.  With that in mind and a corporate creditcard at my deposal it seemed like a good idea to go and buy them.  I drive past the hardware store everyday going to work but that would have limited my ability to disappear for an hour from work with the excuse of needing to purchase much needed supplies (not).  So off I went with camera bag and my spiffy new Panasonic GX1.  While I had my bag and could have changed lenses if I wanted to I just kept what is quickly becoming my favorite street photography lens, the Olympus 45mm 1.8.

One of the things I discovered from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is that I felt constrained.  I kept trying to keep things in a similar format and it just didn’t work.  I do like the 1:1 crop in Lightroom.  It keeps the subject in focus and removes some of the distraction in an image.  It doesn’t always work for all images so I didn’t always use it in this set.  The other thing I have done is kept color in some of these images.  I love the black and white look for street photography.  Black and white gives an image a timeless quality.  That does not mean I need to keep every picture black and white.  So there is some color mixed in.

My final thought is, I am growing more confident in street photography.  I point blank asked for some of these pictures or was obviously pointing a camera at someone and took the picture and nodded and thanked them.  There is a image of a homeless woman and I gave her a few dollars for the image and the trumpet player, who I tipped as well.  It was a couple dollars to me and it may have been a lot to them.  I didn’t mind doing it.  I think the homeless woman wondered why I said I was semi-pro photographer while holding what appeared to be a point and shoot camera but she agreed to the portrait.  I was pleased.  I’m learning to break out of my introverted shell and just ask.

So enjoy the images.  I was a bit more selective this time around and you can see my journey from start to finish.

Sun Kissed
Rusty Gas
Sitting Cool
Through the rails.
Looks like he stopped.
Chat over drink
Bad news?
We are bad. We are nationwide
(points for me for slipping in ZZ Top lyrics)
Light Strings
Modern Personal Interaction
Cool Texting
Midlife Crisis
Tattoo You
Expressive Calling
Bottled Thoughts
In My World
(more points for me Anthrax lyrics)
Watching you Walk
Aversion to Sun
Talking Amongst Friends
Looking at You. Looking at Me.
(I really wanted the old guy behind her but I think together it makes the pictures more interesting)
Homeless and Proud
(I was worried because of her skin and the shadows but the GX1 handled it well)
Coffee Anyone?
(I love how an image lies. He was really just concentrating on a book)
Undaunted 2
Clayboy Hawaiian Ice
(I know Summer is here when he sets up)
Clayboy Ice Cool
I dub the Porkchop
Friendly Service
Fedora Style
I got a Name
Reflection and Light
Faces Through the Glass
(I shot him through a window which is why there is lens flare)
Languid Expression
Sitting on the Dock
Shadowy Conversation
Reflections In a Mirror
(Or the headless photographer. The woman in the mirror just adds I think)
Beetle Lover
Don’t want any trumpet playing band
(Points again for Dire Straights lyrics)
Camouflaged In Plain Sight
Progressive Hippy
I see you!

6 thoughts on “Walking for Screwdrivers

  1. I am not much into people photography, but I found your pictures and the associated titles captivating..good job

    1. Thank you. I just make them up on the fly more to amuse myself than anything else. If I ever took it seriously I would feel like one of those artists that shows a blank canvas discussing the stark realities of life. If I did that I would have to hit myself.

      1. Rule One: There are no rules.
        Rule Two: See rule one.
        If there was another rule it would have to be ‘always buy for work the tools you need to use yourself.’
        However I haven’t yet worked out how to buy Whitworth spanners for a company whose vehicles are entirely metric…
        Nice set of shots, you’re pretty much ready to do Walking Street!

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