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Reaching Into the Sky

I acquired a Vivitar 200mm 3.5 OM mount lens about 7 months ago but never used it on my Micro four-thirds gear.  It was just too big for any of the bodies to hold comfortably and I was afraid it would bend the camera mount because of the weight as it doesn’t have a tripod colar on it.  I was on Amazon buying some SD cards and I saw adapters as an item I would be interested it.  Not being interested in my typical Micro Four-Thirds adapter I typed in EOS to OM and found the Fotodiox EOS to OM with AF Confirm and picked it up.  Got it in today and went off to a spot I had seen to try and photograph the buildings around it.  While the chip may be AF Confirm I can tell you it didn’t confirm but no biggie.  Dragged out the tripod and the shutter release cable and into Live View Mode and away I went.  Even got a visit from the local federal patrol car (I was on government property) and he asked me what I was shooting and I pointed out to him and he wished me luck and left me to my devices.

I would like to say that the buildings came out but they didn’t.  I did enjoy the cranes so I got the shot framed and got a couple of good shots of the cranes with this one being the best.  I will admit to some photo trickery here and screwing with the masks to get the “vision” I had.  I may have been too heavy handed but it was a good experiment for the gear.  Next time I’ll bring the 70-200 2.8 and I can dial in the images to what I want.  I did discover I can hand hold the 20o mounted on the 5D body so I may take a visit to a zoo for grins if my back doesn’t break from hauling that massive body and lens around.