New Site Is A Go!

New Site Is A Go!

I promised I would move the site from Tumblr and I have.  I have a lot more flexibility now in what I can do and how I display the images.  That means no more individual posts with each image having to go to its own post because Tumblr didn’t handle multiple images well in the same post.  The other thing I can attempt to do is write more and show off other sites because I now have the flexibility of WordPress.  One of the things I will be doing is adding links to sites and other photographers that have and continue to influence me.

I finally did do a gear page so some of my gear is listed.  I didn’t add all of it because some is going to be sold off shortly to finance the purchase of a new lens.  I haven’t decided if I want the Canon 35mm 2.0 or the Olympus 75mm 1.8.  The price difference between the two is staggering so depending on how much I get for the lenses I sell will be the final determination but I am leaning towards the 35mm F2 from Canon to just finalize the gear for that and I can pickup more jobs shooting as I will have the needed primes covered.  If someone wants me to shoot their nose hair from a hundred yards out I can use the 70-200 if required.

I am starting to do more street photography work as I get over my introverted nature and I am working on the 50 Faces project as well.  The other thing I am going to attempt to do is film photography.  I am the owner of 4 film cameras.  I will admit to buying the film bodies for the lenses because people just don’t have a clue what the lenses are worth when they are attached to what they perceive as a useless old camera.  I personally can’t wait to fire up a roll.  No idea what I am doing with it but I can’t be any worse than when I was using my first DSLR.  You don’t learn without trying.

Enjoy the new site and keep on checking in.

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