Reading the Leaves

I shot this to prove I wasn’t insane.  I have been having massive problems with my Canon 5DMKII.  To prove my sanity I loaded my 85mm on an ancient 400D that I got last year in Thailand for a song and just randomly shot crap on the way and back from the gym.  There is a tree on my estates that I am forced to park under by the condo association shades my car.  So with a branch hanging in front of me I focused the 85mm and snapped this.  Green was boring and really didn’t bring out the leaf lines so black and white it was and a border just for giggles.

As for the Canon 5DMKII.  Turns out said problem was with the viewfinder not being in focus which is obviously a gear issue and not the photographer being a complete idiot and never thinking to check that.  Did I mention I prefer electronic and not optical viewfinders?  It could not be the camera operators fault for being forced to use such ancient technology.

Photo Nerd Info: Canon 400D, 85mm, ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/500