Shining in the Dark

This shot falls under the heading of there are no mistakes in photography; there are happy accidents.  This is clearly a “gear” happy accident because there is no way that the photographer could have forgotten he reset the cameras settings to default so that meant it wasn’t writing in RAW format and only jpeg and I shot it in b&w grainy.  With the help of Topaz dejpeg I was able to do some minor tweaking and then exported it out to Photoshop to do the resize and remove some of the unwanted noise and sharpen the image.  The end result is what I had in mind anyways.

This is a lamp in my parents guest bedroom.  I like the way the light lit the flowers in the frosted glass and you could get a hint of the flowers in the background.  The only light source in the room was the lamp so it gives the shadowy effect.

Photo Nerd Info: Olympus E-P2, Panasonic 20mm, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/200