Tangled Up In Blue

Tangled Up In Blue

These are the lights in our staff lounge.  Exciting aren’t they?  I do like them and for awhile we had our whole lounge lit with these while waiting for our other lights to be made in Italy.

One of the things I am doing is shooting with my Canon 5DMKII.  The reality is I have grown comfortable with my Panasonic G3 and comfortable is lazy.  I can predict what the image is going to look like and I know what the end result is going to be.  Granted, in paid photography you get paid for consistency but one camera does not fit all scenarios.  Hence I own this very expensive and full framed camera with a nice set of lenses to compliment it.

One of the guys I have recently been reading (Between a boring ass book on lighting portraits) is a blog by Zack Arias but more specifically his tumblr which anyone can ask him a question and he answers it honestly to the best of his ability.  No bullshit, just straight truths.  It’s rather refreshing because the guy doesn’t knock any camera system or style.  Just recommends you shoot.  The one thing he has said repeatedly when asked about lenses and cameras is get a 85mm lens and learn it, live it, love it.  Shoot for a year on it and dream in 85mm.  You will learn what the camera can do and what you can do because it’s going to make you think.  So the Canon came out today with a 85mm attached to it.

I don’t see myself putting down my Panasonic’s or my Olympus but I do see myself using the Canon and the 85mm to get better.  I’m technically proficient at photography and I learned by trial and error, reading a lot, asking questions, and not being afraid to do something.  What I’m not good at is working under limitations to make myself better.  If I need something I just go and get it.  I don’t really think through the shots and try and work out how to get it with the tools I have.  That’s why the Olympus experience has been so much fun.  It’s teaching me to shoot with limitations instead of grabbing what I know will work.  It’s making me think outside of my comfort zone.  I’m hoping the Canon with the 85mm will do the same.  It’s not about grabbing one of my other lenses.  It’s about working my way through the shot and knowing I have the skills, not just the tools to do it.

I hope all that makes sense.

Photo Nerd Info: Canon 5DMKII, Canon 85mm, ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/80.

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  1. She was married when we first met
    Soon to be divorced
    I helped her out of a jam I guess
    But I used a little too much force…

      1. OK, OK, I’ll lay off the lyrics! I don’t hate anything now, I’m too old and it’s not worth the energy. Let’s face it, the first album was crap but then it got better all the way up to “Blonde On Blonde” which is one of the greatest albums anyone ever made, anywhere. Then it crashed for eight years when suddenly “Blood On The Tracks” burst through and then it crashed again, for ever…

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