Night Swimming

Night Swimming

Apologies to R.E.M.

This was taken while I was walking the dog which seems to be my new hobby.  We walked past the pool and she found something exciting to smell and I saw something interesting to shoot.  I stuck the camera through the gate, used my mighty photographic skills (smashed the shutter button) and snapped the shot.

I have left the camera in black and white grainy mode, more as a way for me to see tones in images than anything else.  If it doesn’t look good in black and white it won’t look good in color no matter how much retouching you do.

Speaking of retouching, of course I have the RAW file which is what this final product was produced from.  The RAW is stored in color so there was some tweaking going on.  The noise from this shot was horrible so I had to clean that up.  Even converting it to black and white wasn’t going to hide all of it.  I didn’t want a grainy look so I removed that and I did a detail enhance on the columns reflection in the water (sneaky aren’t I).  I had to remove a bit more noise in Lightroom and then off to Photoshop for some sharpening and resizing (thanks Spike).

I’m very pleased with the final product.

Photo Nerd Info: Olympus E-P2, Panasonic 20mm, ISO 2500, f/1.7, 1/60.

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