After the Rain

After the Rain

Since I am dog sitting I figured why not take a camera out with me on a walk.  I have neglected my Olympus E-P2 for some months and I rarely shoot with my Panasonic 20mm lens.  Both are small and compact and I can easily carry them in my hand (need a wrist strap).  I never used the art modes that come with the camera and I left the view finder at home and just shot off the LCD.  I selected black and white with grain and went forth.  In art modes the camera handles everything so it was pretty idiot proof.

I saw this leaf and while the dog was sniffing something interesting I was shooting something interesting.  She’s pretty decent when it comes to photography because if I say wait she holds up and lets me get the shot.

Photo Nerd Info: Olympus E-P2, Panasonic 20mm, ISO 400, f/3.2 1/250.

PS – This is a jpeg straight out of the camera and no editing short of a resize.

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