Architecture Landscapes


I was determined not to over pack my lenses for this adventure so I only had my Yashica 55mm macro, a CPC 28mm macro, and a Yashica 135mm 2.8.  Great for flowers but crap for architecture shots.  Little did I know that they had added some cool stuff to the gardens since I first went there two years ago and I also didn’t know that 90% of the flowers would be dead and about 50% of the trails closed due to storm damage.

So I adapted, improvised, and made-do.  I did crop this to 16×9 for amusement more than anything else.  If you are going to polish a turd at least try and make it a shiny turd.  Used SilverEfx Pro then screwed around with the image to hide the majority of the flaws that obviously were resultant of poor gear than photographer ineptitude.

Photo Nerd Info: Panasonic G3, Yashica 55mm, f/11, ISO 200, 1/800