Orange Crush

I haven’t posted anything for awhile as I am still recovering from Thailand blues and I had to process about 1000 pictures from an event I shot before going to Thailand so I was allergic to photography for a bit.  Spike over at Pattaya Days was shooting with his Yashica 55mm lens and I own one so I threw it in my kit bag before heading to my parents house. So put the the lens on the camera, switched to manual mode and away I snapped.  It admittedly has been a few months since I used a manual focus lens so I was a wee bit out of practice.  I had to bump the ISO to 4000 to get the image because it was at dusk in overcast skies so the images kept coming out dark even with the shutter speed cranked way down.  It wasn’t till I imported the images and realized like an idiot I never adjusted the aperture on the lens, it would have helped if I opened the lens up a little bit instead of shooting at f/11.  It’s grainy and slightly blurry but I like the flower so it’s going up.

For the photo nerds: Panasonic G3, Yashica ML Macro 55mm, f/11, 1/15, ISO 4000.