Flower Power

I sold the old Canon gear today and sucked it up and bought a big boy camera.  I now own a Canon 5D Mark II.  I realize I’m a revision behind but the Mark III wasn’t worth the extra $1000.  I debated on this long and hard but for me to take the next step I needed a full frame camera.  This is the first pic with it after I worked out some settings and I’m very pleased with the bokeh and sharpness.

I Am A Rock

I shot this while out and about and after my very expensive viewfinder smacked the ground because it flew off the camera.  This was the nearest thing I could shoot to determine if the viewfinder was destroyed or not.  I am happy to report the viewfinder made it out alive and I got a decent picture out of it.

Was shot on my 50mm Zeiss glass at 5.6 and ISO 400 with the Olympus E-P2.

Arachnid Surprise

The title comes from the spider that is captured in the flower.  When I took the picture is was drizzling rain and I wanted to do something quick and fast.  I felt like my old standby Buddha was over used and I had a lens that needed testing.

I came into possession of a Carl Zeiss lens for the princely sum of $20 from shopgoodwill.com secret lens source and was too lazy to order in an adapter for it from Amazon.  Got the adapter today and then proceeded attach it to the  brilliant Olympus E-P2 which I use for the adapted lenses because of the in body image stabilization.  Ran out into the rain and this is the master piece that was shot.  Not bad for a $20 Carl Zeiss 50mm 2.8.  Likely a 30 year old lens and still sharp!

Perfect Buddha

I haven’t called on Buddha for awhile to handle some photo duties for me so I felt the need.  This will be the last time I use an ironing board along with my curtains in the background along with the horrible lighting in my bedroom for photos.  The white box was ordered today.

I digress.  This was shot on a Canon 1DS with my 50mm 1.4 USM lens.  The lens was wide open at 1.4 and the ISO at 800.  Since I did not read the manual and this camera is way different than my others I could not figure out RAW so we have a bit of noise.  Can I tell the difference between my Micro 4/3 gear and this?  YES!  Would the average human? NO!  Can I look like a cool professional photographer?  YES!  Will I break my back carrying this massive beast around?  YES!  It’s still sweet as hell and I can’t wait to play with it some more.

Edit – Damn you Tumblr for enlarging stuff shot in Portrait vs Landscape.  Bastards!


I asked Pamela to pose for me yesterday and she graciously agreed.  This is my first portrait using my new Metz Flash along with a diffuser.  Sadly I should have bounced the flash so it didn’t reflect off the blinds but one lives and learns.  Pamela’s color is amazing and the flash adds that extra warmth to the photo that brings out her features.

Night Rain

So I stopped and took a picture of building but didn’t like how it came out.  While I was standing there I saw this group of flowers lit by a light.  I only had my Panasonic 7-14 wide angle lens but a good photographer makes do with what he has (least thats my story).  So got close and took the shot.  A lot of cropping and fiddling later this is the end result.  Not perfect by any means because of the noise but I didn’t want to lose the drops which I like from the rain.

Brick & Glass

I got my Panasonic 7-14mm lens yesterday and took it out for a walk around the neighborhood today.  I got a bunch of shots but none made me overly happy except this one.  This is the first building shot that made me happy in a long time.  I loved how the lens got the whole building in frame.