Inspired by a Teapot

So the guy I stalk online Spike at Pattaya Days posted a picture of a yellow tea kettle.  Spike had the audacity to question why I would comment on his tea kettle image versus his images of Thai models he shot.  I pointed out that the models scared me.  Spike then posted a picture of a cow.  Spike had the additional audacity to point out creamy bokeh  and how superior the 25mm Panasonic Leica 1.4 lens that he used to take the pictures was.

How this relates back to the fire hydrant I haven’t a clue other than Spike’s tea kettle/pot was in black and white and he then used Topaz BW Effects to bring the yellow out in it.  I used the same technique for the red on the hydrant.  The Panasonic 25mm 1.4 should arrive next week.

This was shot on my Panasonic 20mm 1.7 at 2.5 with ISO 160 and shutter speed 1/2000.  That info is for Steve who is a bigger photo nerd than me.

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Thought so, Uncle Spike gave the game away! Neat site you’ve got, I’m really looking forward to having a wander around.

Uncle Spike knows both my little worlds. With the time zone difference I don’t think he has seen this new incarnation of my work which I worked on all day long. I looked at most of the stuff up here and want to vomit. It wasn’t till recent that I really put effort into making sure I get a shot and stay consistent with my style. Thanks for swinging by. I update every day or so. It depends on how crappy I think the days images are.

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