Inspired by a Teapot

So the guy I stalk online Spike at Pattaya Days posted a picture of a yellow tea kettle.  Spike had the audacity to question why I would comment on his tea kettle image versus his images of Thai models he shot.  I pointed out that the models scared me.  Spike then posted a picture of a cow.  Spike had the additional audacity to point out creamy bokeh  and how superior the 25mm Panasonic Leica 1.4 lens that he used to take the pictures was.

How this relates back to the fire hydrant I haven’t a clue other than Spike’s tea kettle/pot was in black and white and he then used Topaz BW Effects to bring the yellow out in it.  I used the same technique for the red on the hydrant.  The Panasonic 25mm 1.4 should arrive next week.

This was shot on my Panasonic 20mm 1.7 at 2.5 with ISO 160 and shutter speed 1/2000.  That info is for Steve who is a bigger photo nerd than me.

Dangerous Beauty

I looked for this plane because my Dad worked on them during the Korean war.  It is a F-86 Sabre.

I often shoot flowers and similar style stuff because my Mom likes them and I can take those pictures mindlessly anymore.  I don’t do well with large objects and buildings.  Buildings in particular pose a challenge for me.  I think they move to much.  So I wanted to shoot something that challenged me and something Dad could enjoy.  I’m sure he likes the flowers but this is far more manly.

Dutch Imports

I could lie and say I shot this with one of the better cameras but I won’t.  Shot on the Canon 1400IS that I threw in my pocket before attempting suicide biking to my sisters house.  I did play with it a bit and did a dejpeg via Topaz Tools and then messed with the color and focal point using Perfect Focal Point.  Goes to show you that any camera can take a decent picture.